Demarne reorganizes its capital and accelerates its family transmission

Boulogne-sur-Mer, Rungis & Paris, June 26th, 2024 – Founded in 1929, Demarne is a leading French player in the seafood trade industry. Strategically located at the Rungis Marché d’Intérêt National and the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer, the family-owned company distributes a wide range of products to clients including traditional fishmongers, restaurateurs, retail distributors and wholesalers.

Organized around 160 employees, the company is currently led by Romain Demarne, 4th generation of the family, with sales above 160 million euros, with stead growth driven by the quality of its product range and associated services.

This capital reorganization sees Romain Demarne becoming the company’s largest shareholder and the Demarne family strengthening their stake in the capital. Unigrains, the agri-food specialized investor and long-standing partner of the group since 2011, has reinvested while Naxicap and Nord Capital have exited the capital.

Demarne’s ambition over the coming years will be to consolidate its position as a leading player in the distribution of seafood products and will be able to rely on Unigrains’ expertise and networks in this endeavor.

Romain Demarne, President of Demarne, declared: “This transaction is in continuity of our 2018 capital reorganization. Today we are taking another important step in the generation transmission of our company. We would like to thank Naxicap and Nord Capital for their support and are delighted to continue our growth trajectory with the help of Unigrains.

Nicolas Mulle, Investment Director with Unigrains, declared: “We are pleased to continue our support to this dynamic family-owned company operating at the heart of the seafood industry. We will continue to provide Demarne with access to Unigrains agri-food networks – notably in distribution and restaurants – in order to help it strengthen its market positions.